Solomon Acevedo

Community Organizer

Alyssa Aguilera

Co-Executive Director

Jasmine Budnella

Drug Policy Coordinator

Nick Encalada-Malinowski

Civil Rights Campaign Director

Alfredo Padilla

Peer Educator

Tara Fedele

Peer Educator

Jeffrey Foster

Outreach Worker

Clifton Garmon

Chief of Staff

Luke Grandis

Statewide Organizer, Albany and Westchester

Raimondo Graziano

Canvass Trainer

Tatiana Hill

Civil Rights Organizer

Laura Levine

Health Educator

Joe Loonam

Housing Campaigns Coordinator

Ray Maragni

Assistant Canvass Manager

Evelyn Milan

Syringe Exchange Program Manager

Angie Milan-Cruz

Hepatitis C Navigator

Elizabeth Owens

GROW Organizer

Darryl Robinson

Peer Educator

Paula Santiago

Outreach and Peer Education Manager

Jeremy Saunders

Co-Executive Director

Kim Smith

Statewide Organizer, Western New York

Paulette Soltani

Political Director

Devantè Tate

Civil Rights Organizer

Mellanie Thomas

Data Entry Associate

Kareem K. Watson

Operations Manager

Elaine West

Hep C Navigator

Jawanza Williams

Lead Organizer

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