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VOCAL-NY is a statewide, grassroots not-for-profit, member-led organization fighting for policies rooted in justice and equity with politics of love and compassion. VOCAL-NY has existing chapters in New York City, Westchester, Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, & Syracuse.

Issues & Services

VOCAL-NY has partnered with a handful of harm reduction and recovery-based organizations to work to end the overdose crisis in Columbia County (and statewide) through providing direct services and harm reduction supplies to people who use drugs, people in recovery from substance use dependency, and to build our political power to pass life-changing and life-saving policies into law to end the overdose crisis.

VOCAL-NY is dedicated to:

The VOCAL-CC Team is available to provide individualized or group naloxone/Narcan trainings & naloxone kits and is ready to connect you to our organizational partners if you or someone you know needs to access any of the following:

  • Fentanyl test-strips
  • Safe injection supplies (sterile syringes, cottons, waters, cookers, tourniquets, sharps containers, etc.)
  • Safer smoking kits
  • Referrals for Medication Assisted Treatment (buprenorphine, methadone, etc.)
  • Peer Support & Recovery Services
  • Assistance with accesing treatment

Please complete this survey if you are interested in joining the VOCAL-CC grassroots organizing team and/or are in need of accessing harm reduction-related supplies and/or services such as those listed above! (Luke or Ash will be in touch to follow-up with you!)

VOCAL-CC team members are eligible to receive stipends for attending trainings, teach-ins, direct actions, and/or outreach activities.

Attend a Chapter Meeting

In order to be a member of the Hudson Valley chapter of VOCAL-NY, we ask that folks attend at least one chapter event. We hold our Southern New York meeting on the first Wednesday of each month at 6PM. If you are unable to attend the monthly meeting on Zoom using a phone, tablet, or computer, contact the chapter if you would like to meet in-person at our office.



Hudson Valley, NY, USA


Jawanza Williams

Director of Organizing

Help us build a permanent home for justice, compassion & love.

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