Mass Incarceration

VOCAL-NY is working to end mass incarceration by ending discriminatory and abusive policing practices, reducing the number of people incarcerated, and removing barriers to jobs, housing and voting for people with conviction histories.

Far too many New Yorkers are incarcerated because our criminal justice system is disproportionately harsh on communities of color, particularly those who are poor, living with mental illness, drug users, and the homeless.

We are committed to dramatically reducing the incarcerated population in New York, and ending the unjust policies and practices that criminalize and stigmatize too many. 

Our mass incarceration work is led by our Civil Rights Union which is composed of people who have experienced incarceration and criminalization.

New York State

Civil Rights Union

VOCAL-NY Civil Rights Union is organized and led by people directly impacted by mass incarceration.


Help us build a permanent home for justice, compassion & love.

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