When we began in 1999, VOCAL-NY (then the NYC AIDS Housing Network) emerged as one of the leading groups to win quality, stable housing for people living with HIV/AIDS to improve health outcomes, and literal life expectancies of people whose homelessness could have been a death sentence.

During these early years we joined coalitions to support the larger fight for affordable housing for all, and to end homelessness. We played a leading role in campaigns to strengthen rent laws, and build more affordable housing.

While our primary focus is to win quality housing for low-income people impacted by the war on drugs, mass incarceration and HIV/AIDS, we are dedicated to the belief that safe, affordable and stable housing is a human right for all.

This work is carried out by our Homelessness Union, which unites people who are currently or formerly homeless to win quality housing.

New York State

Homeless Union

people who are homeless fighting for affordable housing.


Help us build a permanent home for justice, compassion & love.

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