August 17, 2023

In a letter to Eric Adams, we are again calling on him to address the growing crisis of Rikers Island and at the City’s other jails by moving forward with the following eight (8) steps:

  1. Issue an official call to make decarceration the guiding policy goal of New York City.
  2. Present your plan to “close the pipeline that feeds Rikers” no later than Oct. 1
  3. Direct the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, the Department of Correction and all other relevant agencies to actively support the work of the Jail Population Review Initiative to divert people from jail.
  4. With the ultimate goal of releasing everyone from Rikers, call for the immediate release of the following categories of people awaiting trial:
    • Pregnant people, all women, all transgender people, and all gender non-conforming people
    • People with mental health needs
    • People with chronic health problems
    • People with substance use needs
    • People who are sole caretakers of children or other family members & people sentenced to city time
  5. End the Use of Solitary Confinement.
  6. Require an actionable commitment to harm reduction within DOC.
  7. Address gendered harm on Rikers.
  8. Require the City to create and sustain a pathway for stability for those leaving DOC facilities.

View full letter with detailed list of demands here.

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