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6/9: Texting to Defund Police, Invest in Communities

June 5, 2020

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Tuesday June 9, 2020 — 5PM EST — virtual event.

CLICK TO REGISTER: Text-bank with VOCAL-NY to defund police.

Want to take action to defund police and reinvest into communities? Join the text-bank this Tuesday to support VOCAL-NY’s campaign to defund law enforcement and direct billions of dollars to critical New York needs like housing and healthcare. Police violence has plagued protests from Buffalo to Brooklyn, injuring and incarcerating thousands. Sadly, this is nothing new for communities of color. To care for all New Yorkers, we must dramatically decrease police budgets and reinvest that money into critical community needs like ending homelessness and providing services and care to people in need.

Join the Text-Bank, also supported by People’s Action Institute, to reach out to tens of thousands of people and move them to take action. We will train together and then text-bank side by side over Zoom to the tunes providing by an amazing DJ!

CLICK TO REGISTER: Text-bank with VOCAL-NY to defund police.

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