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VOCAL-NY & Survived and Punished Celebrate Tracy McCarter and Her Victory

November 20, 2022

CONTACT: Mariah McGough,


NEW YORK — In response to news that Manhattan DA Bragg will not pursue charges against Tracy McCarter, a survivor of domestic violence, VOCAL-NY released the following statement, attributable to Keli Young, Civil Rights Campaign Coordinator:

“Tracy McCarter is a Black woman who was criminalized for daring to survive, and this victory was won because she never wavered in demanding her freedom. Tracy should never have been arrested, charged, or prosecuted and the dropping of her charges was long overdue. Manhattan DA Bragg made the right call, and it is the same call that must be made for every criminalized survivor of domestic violence.”

Survived & Punished NY released the following statement attributable to Siobhan Dingwall:

“We are relieved that Manhattan DA Bragg finally kept his word and decided to file a recommendation to dismiss all charges against criminalized survivor and Black woman, Tracy McCarter. We know this decision was only possible because of the tremendous pressure he felt from tens of thousands of people across the country who tirelessly demanded DA Bragg #DropHerCharges. It is now on Judge Kiesel to accept the dismissal and end this horrifying ordeal once and for all for Tracy, her family, and our communities. And while DA Bragg has taken the steps necessary to drop Tracy’s charges, he must keep his campaign promise by immediately dropping charges against the countless other survivors of gender-based violence that his office is actively prosecuting.”


New Yorker Tracy McCarter is one of thousands of people in the United States being prosecuted for defending themselves against sexual, domestic, or other forms of gender-based violence. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg tweeted support for Tracy while campaigning for his current position and committed to not prosecute survivors of domestic violence. Tracy’s final hearing will be on Nov. 28.


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