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Costly Mistake: VOCAL-NY Condemns Mayor Adams Veto of CityFHEPS Bills

June 23, 2023

CONTACT: Mariah McGough,, 203 470 9979


VOCAL-NY Supports NYC Council Campaign to Override Adams Absurd Veto

NEW YORK — Today, in response to Mayor Adams veto of a package of bills that would improve and expand CityFHEPS, New York City’s rental assistance voucher program, VOCAL-NY released the following statement attributable Charisma White, a Homelessness Union Leader at VOCAL-NY:

“We denounce Mayor Adams’ decision to veto the bills of the CityFHEPS package. After years of dedicated advocacy, it has taken the leadership of the City Council and the directly-impacted people of New York City to improve this rental assistance program. All the while, the Mayor has offered zero concrete solutions in the 18 months since he’s been in office, having failed to get any sensible ‘stuff done’ to address the homelessness and housing crisis. 

We implore all 51 members of the City Council to stand behind Speaker Adams and the bill sponsors Ayala, Caban, and Sanchez and override the Mayor’s veto. We need the City Council to remain diligently committed to implementing solid solutions that prevent homelessness, reduce the city’s bloated shelter population and costs, and rapidly rehouse homeless New Yorkers. 

We cannot allow a veto to derail an opportunity that will positively impact tens of thousands of constituents. We call on the New York City Council to take a united stand to boldly protect homeless New Yorkers and those at risk, by overriding Mayor Eric Adams veto of the CityFHEPS bill package.”


Today, Mayor Adams vetoed Int. 229-A, Int. 878-A, Int. 894-A and Int. 893-A, which together would address critical reforms needed for the CityFHEPS program to work properly. 

New York City is experiencing the worst housing crisis since the Great Depression. Mayor Adams and his administration are scrambling to house the influx of asylum seekers coming to New York City, and are putting people in harm’s way in the process. 

New York City’s shelter system has already failed to transition people into permanent housing – a consequence of several issues with the CityFHEPs Voucher Program. By reforming the CityFHEPs program and expanding its availability to all New Yorkers, the City can transition people out of our overburdened shelter system into long-term, permanent housing.


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