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July 22, 2021


July 22, 2021


Luke Grandis,

VOCAL-NY Applauds Albany Common Council’s Passage of “Good Cause’ Eviction Bill

Under Good Cause Measure Landlords are Prohibited From Evicting Tenants Based on Discriminatory Reasons

ALBANY, N.Y. — The Albany chapter of VOCAL-NY applauds the Albany Common Council for passing legislation to require landlords have “good cause” to evict tenants, prohibiting them from evicting tenants for discriminatory or fiscally predatory reasons. In response, Luke Grandis, VOCAL-NY Upstate Lead Organizer, released the following statement:

“Making State history, passing Good Cause in Albany is a vital step toward ensuring  tenants are provided the protections and rights they truly deserve. Amid unparalleled homelessness throughout Albany and New York State, Good Cause legislation will help keep individuals safely housed and will help prevent more individuals from becoming homeless. The bill puts a 5% limit on rent increases which is desperately needed right now in order to prevent people from being displaced due to rampant gentrification. Tenants now have protection from being subject to the mercy of predatory landlords and developers that violently displace families without concern for their wellbeing. Despite the fear mongering and false messaging spread on behalf of landlord groups and real estate corporations, feeling vested in one’s housing and neighborhood actually ensures greater neighborhood stability and will not negatively impact any landlords who are following the law nor anyone who is not profiting from people’s pain. We applaud the Common Council’s resolution to pass the legislation and see this as a step toward passing Good Cause Eviction statewide for all New Yorkers as we will not stop until tenants throughout every city — from Long Island to Rochester, Buffalo, and beyond, are protected in their homes and given the justice and dignity they deserve.”


The Good Cause legislation, passed by the Albany Common Council Monday evening, gives tenants the right to continue to live in their homes without fear of retaliation by their landlords if they complain about living conditions or other quality of life concerns. Each tenant will be entitled to renew their lease and are afforded protection against unconscionable rent hikes and evictions that cannot be substantiated by the landlord. If a building owner refuses to make repairs or can’t be found; instead of declaring a building unsafe and unfit – forcing it to be closed or abandoned, the Good Cause bill empowers the City of Albany Building Department to make emergency repairs. Good Cause ensures access to safe, affordable housing. Albany is the first city in New York State to pass the bill. though many other municipalities are expected to follow suit. Preventing wrongful evictions is crucial to the overarching fight for housing justice and toward ending homelessness. Good Cause is not only a step toward breaking the cycle of unaffordable housing, gentrification, and housing insecurity in Albany, but sets a precedent for all of New York State and many other cities throughout the country to follow.


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