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Mayor Adams, Keep Your Promises: Fund Community Care and Services, Not More NYPD

February 1, 2022


Keli Young,

Mariah McGough,


NEW YORK — Over the weekend, Mayor Adams made an appearance on “Up Close with Bill Ritter,” where he said “nothing would get in the way” of increasing the size of the NYPD in the name of public safety – despite promising funding for services on the campaign trail. In response, VOCAL-NY released the following statement, attributable to Keli Young, Civil Right Union Campaign Coordinator:

“We are alarmed Mayor Adams is contemplating increased funding to the NYPD at the same time he is making cuts to DSS and other key city agencies that deal with social services. This follows earlier plans to reinstate the plainclothes unit responsible for killing Amadou Diallo, Eric Garner and many others, including Antonio Williams and NYPD officer Brian Mulkeen. What we’re seeing is just more of the same: money for more police and jails, but never enough for mental health services, affordable housing and care.”   

Earlier this month, it was reported Mayor Eric Adams was considering excluding the NYPD from a 3% budget cut to city-wide agencies. This came along with a joint initiative to create “Safe Options Support Teams” from Mayor Adams and Governor Hochul that will only increase law enforcement and target New Yorkers who are homeless, without offering them affordable housing options. 

While running for office, Mayor Adams boasted about his plans to “marry the two ideals of safety and ensuring social justice.” In VOCAL-NY’s Caring and Compassionate Mayoral Forum last March, Eric Adams vowed to support New Yorkers dealing with homelessness and drug use by providing “wrap around resources” and opportunities to engage with marginalized communities on what they need. Neither of these promises have come to fruition yet.

VOCAL-NY’s Caring and Compassionate New Deal framework outlines the ways the city can increase public safety with investments in housing, social services, and care. It also calls for divestments from police, courts, and jails that have ripped apart and weakened communities for decades. 

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