WPIX: City Council overrides Bloomberg’s vetoes and opens door to creation of NYPD inspector general


(WPIX interviewed Alfredo Carrasquillo, VOCAL-NY’s Civil Rights Organizer, after City Council’s vote to override Mayor Bloomberg’s veto of the Community Safety Act on August 22, 2013)

A new inspector general for the NYPD, and new ways for New Yorkers to sue the department for racial profiling.

After months of reporting, debating, and analyzing these issues the New York City Council closed another chapter – with two decisive veto override votes in the ongoing struggle to find a balance between effective policing and meaningful community relations.

PIX11 first met Alfredo Carrasquillo last week – outside the Mott Haven Houses in the Bronx, where he told us he’d been involved in several stop, question, frisk encounters with NYPD officers.  Encounters that left him questioning the future of the department’s relationship with thousands of New Yorkers of color in the city’s tougher neighborhoods.

He was encouraged by the recent federal court decision that found the NYPD’s version of stop-and-frisk unconstitutional and he is optimistic about the Council’s decision to create a new layer of departmental oversight toward an old fashioned idea.

“Old fashioned policing. I want to be able to walk down my block, and know the officer’s first and last name, and know that he’s there for me and he’s my friend,” Carrasquillo told PIX11.

It remains to be seen whether an Inspector General, or the heightened threat of racial profiling litigation can change or influence the NYPD’s tactics.

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