VOCAL-NY calls for investigation of Committee to Save NY

VOCAL-NY and Community Voices Heard (CVH) continued to take on the biggest corporate interests in New York yesterday by asking the Commission on Public Integrity to investigate the Committee to Save NY’s (CSNY) relationship with Governor Cuomo. CSNY was formed at Governor Cuomo’s request, is staffed with his closest allies, has been paid for by his biggest campaign donors, and is ready to spend millions of dollars to push through an agenda that would hurt the vast majority of New Yorkers.

Our formal complaint with the Commission on Public Integrity is available online.

Media coverage included:

VOCAL-NY and our allies are planning more actions in the coming weeks to expose the corporate interests driving Governor Cuomo’s agenda of tax cuts for millionaire’s and services cuts for everyone else. We support solutions to New York’s revenue crisis that maintain vital public investments by asking everyone to pay their fair share.

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