The Nation: Bill de Blasio’s Great Experiment

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Bill de Blasio’s Great Experiment

A report on the first 100 days of New York’s progressive new mayor

Jarrett Murphy | April 15, 2014

(Excerpt below, read the full article online at The Nation.)

One victory involved housing benefits for people with HIV/AIDS. For years, advocates had complained that, because of a wrinkle in the law, tenants of the city’s HIV/AIDS housing program sometimes paid up to 70 percent of their income toward rent. This year’s state budget included an agreement between the city and the state to split the cost of whittling that number down to 30 percent. Sean Barry, executive director of VOCAL-NY, says de Blasio himself made the change a priority and spoke with Cuomo directly about it. “It contradicts the dominant narrative that he sort of fumbled his agenda,” Barry says.

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