The Capitol: "99 Problems - The end of millionaires' tax may be just the beginning"

VOCAL-NY board member Wayne Starks was featured in The Capitol's cover story on the millionaires tax and OWS.

By: Andrew J. Hawkins | Nov. 14, 2011

It wasn’t the biggest demonstration of the last several months, nor was it the loudest, the most confrontational or the most theatrical. But the location was distinctive: not down on Wall Street, but in midtown Manhattan, outside of Cuomo’s office.

Almost 100 protesters called for an extension of the millionaires’ tax. They shouted slogans in Spanish, railed against the rich and the powerful and attempted to deliver a letter of their demands to the governor’s staff. (They were rebuffed.)

One protester named Wayne Starks, of grassroots organization VOCAL-NY, said Cuomo’s refusal to extend the tax could literally kill him. He said having no millionaires’ tax could mean more cuts to Medicaid and Medicare; and Starks, who said he is living with HIV/AIDS, is unsure whether he could live through another round of spending reductions.

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