Robin Hoods march for a Financial Transaction Tax to fund job creation and global and domestic health

Dozens of members from VOCAL, Community Voices Heard (CVH) and NW Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition dressed up as Robin Hoods and descended on Wall Street to demand a Financial Speculation Tax (FST) and an extension of New York’s millionaires tax on October 28th. A FST is a tiny tax on financial transactions that would raise revenue to create jobs and fund domestic and international health programs, while discouraging harmful Wall Street speculation. Read more about National People’s Action campaign to Make Wall Street Pay.

Media coverage included and Russia TV. Video and photos from the march are below.

“I wake up every morning and worry that I’ll lose my housing or healthcare, while Wall Street bankers get more bonuses and more tax breaks,” said Bobby Tolbert, a Board member and leader of VOCAL-NY from the Bronx. “I’m sick of reverse-Robin Hood budgets that take from poor and working families and give to the rich. We found the money to create jobs for people like my kids and protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for older folks and people with disabilities like me – it’s down on Wall Street. It’s time to take our money back, he added.”

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