Millionaire's Tax Protest in Capitol

VOCAL-NY joined our allies from CAAAV, Community Voices Heard (CVH), FUREE, Picture the Homeless, Queers for Economic Justice and Right to the City (NYC Chapter) in holding a major protest around New York’s revenue crisis at the Capitol building on March 2nd.

The protest further defined the choice facing Governor Cuomo between tax cuts for millionaires and investing in healthcare, education, safety net programs and other public services ordinary New Yorkers rely on. About 150 low-income New Yorkers from the five boroughs, Westchester, Newburgh, Poughkieepsie, and Albany rallied while 17 were arrested for blocking entrances on the south side the capitol. Protestors held banners with messages like “Gov. Cuomo: People Before Wall Street, No Tax Breaks for Millionaires.”

The protest was widely covered in the media.


Video (other videos online):

Millionaire’s tax civil disobedience in Capitol from VOCAL-NY on Vimeo.


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