Knocking on Treasury Secretary Geithner's Door for a Robin Hood Tax

Elizabeth Owens, Wayne Starks & other VOCAL-NY leaders join NPA and NWDA outside Geithner’s house.

VOCAL-NY knocked on Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s door on Sunday, May 20th with other affiliates from National People’s Action and the National Domestic Workers Alliance to demand he support a Robin Hood tax and a thorough investigation of the bankers who caused the housing crisis.

Although Secretary Geithner appeared to be home at the time, he declined to open the door and receive a letter from the more than 1,000 clergy, homeowners, students, family farmers, unemployed workers and community leaders gathered outside his house. VOCAL-NY has been pushing for a financial speculation or “Robin Hood” tax in order to raise revenue for domestic and global health programs, including the fight against HIV/AIDS.

VOCAL-NY’s Bobby Tolbert was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post about why we were there. Bobby also spoke at the NPA and NDWA conference about how Wall Street-backed austerity measures are threatening the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS (video).



Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Geithner’s Door

“Wall Street crashed our economy and the regular citizens of the United States are tired of being marginalized,” Bobby Tolbert, of New York, one of the group’s organizers, said on the street in front of Mr. Geithner’s house.

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Activists Visit Geithner’s Home to Ask “Which Side Are You On?”

“The Wall Street banks crashed the economy,” [Bobby] Tolbert said. “So the financial speculation tax on big banks is one way we can recover that stolen revenue and help pay for the vital services that are being cut by local and state governments, like schools and health care.”

 Read the rest here.

Check out this video of the action from NPA:

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