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Fix The Debt Protest Draws Activists, Inflatable Pig

WASHINGTON — More than 100 union members and progressive activists marched to a Capitol Hill hotel Wednesday to protest a meeting of corporate chiefs, lobbyists and former elected officials involved in the Campaign to Fix the Debt.

fix the debt bobby“Today we’re here to protest against the Fix the Debt committee,” said Bobby Tolbert, a board member of Vocal New York, one of the organizations involved in Wednesday’s demonstration. “These are a bunch of executives and CEOs who are creating tax loopholes for their own benefit, while throwing working people under the bus to support a budget they can’t afford.”

Protesters marched through the streets near the Hyatt Regency Washington chanting, “Fix the greed! Don’t fix the debt!” Under the hotel’s portico, a series of speakers testified to the importance of social safety net programs.

Patricia Newson, 62, told to the crowd through a megaphone, “If they cut Medicaid, I’m going to be hurting, I’m going to be really hurting. Medicaid is basically saving my life.”

The protest was organized by National People’s Action, a network of grassroots organizations that advocate for economic and civil justice. Its highlight was the release of a 20-foot-tall inflatable pig, clad in a top hat and suit — a tongue-in-cheek symbol of the Campaign to Fix the Debt’s CEO Council, which is composed of CEOs at top U.S. companiesOther protesters had specific policy proposals they wanted to see enacted, including a proposed tax on financial transactions.

Other protesters had specific policy proposals they wanted to see enacted, including a proposed tax on financial transactions. Tolbert, a spokesman for the protesters, referred to it as “the Robin Hood tax” and told HuffPost he hoped to see taxes raised on Wall Street firms “to take care of infrastructure problems and promote employment opportunities.”

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