ACT UP & Occupy - Tax Wall Street To Fight AIDS

On April 25th, VOCAL-NY joined ACT UP for a march marking their 25th anniversary that called for a Financial Speculation Tax, also known as the “Robin Hood Tax,” to fund domestic and global healthcare, including universal access to HIV/AIDS treatment. A Robin Hood Tax would raise revenue to save lives while discouraging speculative activity that helped crash our economy, which is why we’ve been advocating for it since the start of the financial crisis, including World AIDS Day in 2011 and the Showdown on Wall Street in 2010.

Watch video of VOCAL-NY Board Chair Wanda Hernandez’s speech below. In addition to talking about the need to tax Wall Street to fight AIDS at home and abroad, Wanda explained HIV is a social justice issue and demanded housing for all homeless people living with HIV/AIDS and an end the war on drugs and mass incarceration fueling the epidemic.

We also marched to the NYC Human Resources Administration to protest Mayor Bloomberg’s discriminatory policies and budget cuts targeting homeless people living with HIV/AIDS and their families. VOCAL-NY was co-founded by an ACT UP member and we have always sought to bring their direct action spirit to fight for solutions to homelessness, poverty and mass incarceration driving the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

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Video of VOCAL-NY Board Chair Wanda Hernandez speaking during the action:


And Rachel Maddow’s tribute to ACT UP on MSNBC (featuring footage from today’s protest!) is definitely worth a watch:

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