May 12th: All Out For Historic Wall Street Rally!

We hear it every day: There’s no more money.

No money to provide housing or case management for people living with HIV/AIDS, keep food pantries and meals programs open, expand harm reduction programs, and create jobs for people who are coming home from prison or jail. There’s no money to pay for vital services or invest in creating jobs.

New Yorkers have had enough. We don’t have a spending crisis – we have a revenue crisis because Wall Street and the wealthiest New Yorkers aren’t paying their fair share.

Join VOCAL-NY and our allies on Thursday, May 12th at 4pm to tell the Mayor and Wall Street that we can’t balance the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable New Yorkers. We will be meeting at South Street Seaport, located at 20 Fulton St (2, 3, 4, 5, J, Z to Fulton St.)

RSVP to Jaron Benjamin at (718) 864-3932 or

Mayor Bloomberg is making a choice. With the drastic cuts in his proposed budget he is turning his back on children, seniors, the homeless, those living with HIV/AIDS — the most vulnerable New Yorkers.

In fact, Bloomberg’s proposed cuts will have an immediate and negative effect on nearly all New Yorkers, except for one group, the Wall Street bankers that are responsible for the financial crisis in the first place.

While Bloomberg’s proposal would have the rest of New York fighting for scraps to keep supportive housing programs, food pantries, harm reduction agencies, and other social service programs open, Wall Street banks would continue to get MILLIONS in tax breaks from the city and their CEO’s giving themselves record-breaking bonuses.

Mayor Bloomberg’s budget would create a New York that punishes its most vulnerable citizens for the crimes and greed of the rich.

This needs to change. And on May 12, it will.

Members from dozens of community groups and unions are coming together to tell Bloomberg: “No More Cuts – It’s Time for the Big Banks and Millionaires to Pay Their Fair Share!”

Flier below.

May 12th: Make Wall Street Pay to Fix NYC’s Revenue Crisis

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