Costly, Racially Biased & Illegal Marijuana Arrests Are Dividing NYC

Join New Yorkers for Health & Safety on April 24th to call for an end to Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD’s costly, racially biased and illegal marijuana arrests crusade.

WHEN: Tuesday, April 24th from 12-2 P.M.

WHERE: Meet at Foley Square in Manhattan

GETTING THERE: Take the 4, 5 or 6 trains to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall

Despite hundreds of millions in proposed budget cuts for public services, Bloomberg continues to waste $75 million each year arresting mostly Black and Latino New Yorkers for possessing small amounts of marijuana, even though white youth have the highest rate of marijuana use. Moreover, current law says marijuana possession is only an arrestable offense if it is in plain view. Stop, question and frisk tactics, and the illegal searches that often follow, are driving these arrests.

For more info, contact Alfredo at (718) 415-9254. Download fliers below.

A Tale of Two Cities – Flyer 1

A Tale of Two Cities – Flyer 2

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