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VOCAL-NY is one of over 60 organizations that recognize that there is a serious problem with New York City’s criminal justice system, specifically the city’s main jail complex Rikers Island. Over 80% of the detainees held at Rikers are without conviction and awaiting their day in court – either in extended pretrial detention or because they are unable to pay their bail. It costs an estimated $167,000 each year to imprison one of the 11,000+ inmates. 89% of inmates are Black or Latinx when only 53% of New York City is Black or Latinx. Rikers is draining communities of financial resources to imprison Black and Latinx New Yorkers, posing a clear racial, economic, and social problem for the city.

The #CLOSERikers Campaign aims to reduce the jail population through policing, bail, speedy trial, and correctional officer behavior reform.

Have you been to Rikers and want to help us shut it down?

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