Tatiana Hill

Tatiana Hill is a Civil Rights Organizer at VOCAL-NY, joining the organization in 2019 to conduct outreach, base-building, and leadership development for members of our Civil Rights Union.  She previously worked for Communication Workers of America as an organizer of Verizon Wireless employees, and as a voter registrar with NYPIRG. She studied Political Science at SUNY Purchase.

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Joe Loonam

Joe Loonam is the Housing Campaign Coordinator at VOCAL-NY. He grew up in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, and in an attempt to stay out of trouble, volunteered with VOCAL-NY as a teenager. Since then he earned a BA from Hampshire College concentrating in the history of social movements in the United States. After graduating he worked with the Riders Alliance through the Center For Neighbor Leadership Apprenticeship Program. He went on to work at the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board doing tenant organizing in Crown Heights. He is very excited to be back working at VOCAL-NY.

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Raimondo Graziano

Raimondo Graziano, New York City born and raised, is a canvasser with VOCAL-NY working on outreach to the public on a number of issues VOCAL-NY leads the charge on. Raimondo also hosts a podcast talking about political and social issues in the country called The Old Howard Union.

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Kareem K. Watson
Operations Manager

Kareem Watson is the Operations Manager for VOCAL-NY. Kareem first joined VOCAL-NY during his internship in 2015. As a strong believer in grassroots organizing and community power building, Kareem is interested in finding new ways to support local activism. Aside from his work with VOCAL-NY, Kareem is currently completing a Masters program around social movements, activism, and media studies.

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Jason Del Aguila
Community Justice Organizer

Jason Del Aguila is VOCAL-NY’s Community Justice Organizer, through programs like Participatory Defense and Courtwatch, Jason will focus on creating community efforts that strengthen the legal defense of individuals currently caught up in the criminal justice system. Jason’s previous focuses include over fifteen years of running young adult programs that incorporate the arts, culture and social justice, four years of organizing rural and urban central american communities defending themselves from military and economic violence, and four years of working with students on advocating and rethinking Free Public Education.  Committed to cultivating transformative justice and empowering more communities to tell their stories and defend themselves, Jason regularly facilitates conversations on Know Your Rights, civilian journalism, and community legal defense.

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Nina Luo
Court Watch Coordinator

Nina Luo is the Court Watch Coordinator at VOCAL-NY, where she organizes the Court Watch NYC volunteer base to monitor the courts, build collective power and hold prosecutors accountable. She is also working on the 2019 Queens DA race as part of her role. Nina has four year of experience as a community organizer for the rights and safety of people in the sex trade. She graduated from Harvard University in 2017.

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Devantè Tate
Civil Rights Organizer

Devantè Tate is a native resident of East New York, Brooklyn. He is the co-founder of a grassroots organization called Afrikans Helping Afrikans which provides security and know your rights training and he is also a big advocate to end mass incarceration. He has been organizing since November of 2014, focusing his organizing around police brutality, mass incarceration, and education. He is heavily passionate about attacking the issues that tends to plague black youth in inner cities and bringing attention to them. Having a lot of family and friends who are currently in the system, this work is very personal to him. He also does work on Rikers Island with youth from 16-24 years old. Before joining VOCAL-NY, Devantè was an educator and youth advocate in the two different middle schools in East New York.

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