We have a plan to end AIDS in New York!

We have the science, we have the know-how, and now we finally have the political will to end the AIDS epidemic in New York. Make a donation to VOCAL-NY and we will ensure this plan becomes a reality.

Read the full blueprint to end AIDS in New York by 2020, which includes key recommendations that VOCAL has been advocating for including:

  • Fully legalizing syringe access and improving drug user health;
  • The creation of a single point of access to benefits like enhanced housing assistance, increased nutrition, and transportation funding for all HIV+ New Yorkers;
  • Ending the use of condoms as evidence;
  • Expanding the hard fought 30% rent cap rental assistance program to all HIV+ New Yorkers;
  • Passing the Gender Expression and Non Discrimination Act (GENDA) so that we end stigma and discrimination against trans individuals.

HIV/AIDS has always been concentrated in low-income, communities of color – especially among young black MSM (men who have sex with men) and transwomen. We know that HIV/AIDS is a disease that is fueled by poverty. We are pleased that this blueprint takes a holistic view and attempts to get to the underlying factors that spread HIV like racism, homophobia and economic inequality.

Read some of the press about the blueprint release:

As Governor Cuomo said, the fight against AIDS has "been a long, long road. A sad road. A hard road." The release of the blueprint is light at the end of that road. We need your help to demand that our elected officials fully fund the plan and move us towards the end of AIDS.  Join us at our monthly membership meeting tonight, Thursday, April 31st at 5pm at El Faro, 179 E. 116th Street, contact me at jason@vocal-ny.org, or make a donation right now. VOCAL will ensure that people who are directly-impacted will
continue to lead the fight until we reach the end of the road.

A VOCAL shout out of thanks and heart felt appreciation to Governor Cuomo, Health Commissioner Zucker, AIDS Institute Director Dan O’Connell, Deputy Health Secretary Courtney Burke and the entire "Ending the Epidemic" task force. And a very big, special thank you to Charles King, and the entire Housing Works team.

Please join us at the She's So VOCAL gala on June 18th to celebrate this historic day with us!

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