VOCAL responds to attack on New York Communities for Change by Fox News

VOCAL-NY leader Gustavo Pedroza holds a check from the 99% to the top 1% at an #OWS march to dramatize wealth redistribution upwards through tax cuts for millionaires.

False and malicious reports by Fox News that New York Communities of Change (NYCC) is “paying protestors” at Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is a pathetic and transparent attempt to distract from the growing frustration among people across this country that our political system has been hijacked by Wall Street and functions primarily in the interests of the top 1%. OWS is an inspiring, organic and autonomous movement for economic justice that is viewed favorably by a majority of Americans, despite this kind of misleading news coverage. VOCAL-NY has proudly joined NYCC in working with Occupy Wall Street protestors to insist that the top 1% pay their fair share in taxes in order to create jobs, protect public services and close the growing wealth gap in our country.

VOCAL-NY (Voices Of Community Advocates & Leaders) is a statewide grassroots membership organization in New York that builds power among low-income people affected by HIV/AIDS, mass incarceration and the drug war to address the root causes of these crises.

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