We are happy to announce that VOCAL-NY is joining the fight to fix one of New York City’s most notorious housing systems: three-quarter houses. This unregulated, for-profit housing industry preys on some of our city’s most vulnerable, including those with a history of incarceration, drug use and homelessness.

This Thursday, October 6, we will join housing rights attorneys, advocates and three-quarter house tenant on the steps of City Hall for a rally in support of legislation that will end the most egregious actions used by three-quarter house operators, and provide basic protections for tenants.

What: Rally and City Council hearing on five city bills to improve three-quarter house programs
When: This Thursday (10/6) at 12pm
Where: Steps of City Hall

VOCAL-NY has long supported the fight for fair and just treatment if three-quarter house tenants, but today, we are taking our involvement a step further by becoming official partners of the Three-Quarter House Tenants Organizing Project (TOP). TOP is a collaborative campaign with MFY Legal Services and Neighbors Together to organize current and former three-quarter house tenants for fair and just treatment.

For the last several years, TOP has been instrumental in holding three-quarter house operators accountable. In 2015, they helped expose and shutdown a Medicaid fraud scheme where residents were forced into drug treatment programs they didn’t need in order for the three-quarter house operator to receive financial kickbacks. Meanwhile, residents lived in miserable housing conditions with virtually no legal protections.

We decided to join TOP because many of our members are former or current three-quarter house residents. This campaign is critical to tackling our city’s homelessness crisis, and it sits the intersection of our core mission of ending the drug war, mass incarceration and the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

To lead this work, VOCAL-NY has hired Paulette Soltani, formerly of MFY Legal Services, to be our housing organizer. If you are interested in getting involved in this campaign contact Paulette at paulette@vocal-ny.org or 775-340-2359.

And join us this Thursday to demand rights for three-quarter house residents, and regulation of these unscrupulous operators!

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