VOCAL-NY Guide To Your Week, May 3, 2015: An End to AIDS, A Call to Action!

This Week

  • Tuesday, 5/5 @ 11:30AM: Protest big investors in Gilead, the drug company making a killing off unethically high pricing of Hepatitis C treatment. Where: 59th Street & 5th Ave, meet at the water fountain. Travel: N,Q,R trains to 5th Ave-59th Street; 4,5,6 trains to 59th Street. Contact: Fred Wright at 646-321-5282 or fred@vocal-ny.org.
  • Wednesday, 5/6 @ 10AM: Rally at Governor Cuomo's office calling for his support to renew strong rent laws and protect hundreds of thousands of us living in rent regulated apartments. Where: 41st Street & 3rd Ave. Travel: 4,5,6,7 trains to Grand Central. Contact: Elizabeth Owens at 646-203-3145 or elizabeth@vocal-ny.org.
  • Wednesday, 5/6 @ 6PM: Protest the NYC Police Foundation honoring Larry Fink, a billionaire who made his fortune off private prisons, Gilead's Hepatitis C treatment and more. Fink uses his wealth to buy off politicians who then cut vital community services for us and taxes for the rich. Where: Meet up at the Duane Reade on Lexington Ave between 51st & 52nd Streets. Travel: 6 train to 51st Street. Contact: Fred Wright at 646-321-5282 or fred@vocal-ny.org.

Week in Review

  • History was made! At a historic event in front of the LGBT Center, Governor Cuomo accepted the "blueprint" to end AIDS by 2020 in New York and committed to seeing it through. We still need the Governor and legislature follow through on their commitment, but it was a major step forward. Read more here. Check out photos and coverage in the New York Times, Albany Times-Union, WNYC and Capital New York.  Checkout an Op-ed in Gotham Gazette co-authored by
    our very own Statewide Organizer, Anna Saini, and allies at Make the Road NY on important steps forward in the campaign to end the use of condoms as evidence of sex work in New York.

"Others saw the document as tantamount to a promise. “This is what leadership looks like,” said Jennifer Flynn, executive director of Vocal-NY, a Brooklyn-based community organizing group." New York Times.

"From VOCAL-NY community leader Reginald Brown: We thank Governor Cuomo for endorsing our plan to end AIDS. All New Yorkers need access to condoms, syringes, PReP, PEP, treatment and housing. Today marks the start of the end of AIDS in New York State. We are now turning to all elected officials to fund this blueprint." Albany Times-Union

“This type of action that happened last night is in direct contradiction to the steps that [de Blasio] has taken in the past,” said Jason Walker, a protester who was arrested last night.” Capital New York.  

"Jason Walker,de Vocal NY, criticó a la Policía por no dejar caminar a la gran masa desde Union Square West hacia Broadway por la calle 17. “Pregunté que por dónde podíamos caminar y nos querían mantener encerrados”. El Diario.

  • "Homes For Every New Yorker", the coalition we launched to end New York City's crisis level homelessness, got more coverage at a press conference calling out Mayor de Blasio for allocating less units of public housing for homeless families than past Mayors like Giuliani and Dinkins. Checkout coverare in the Daily News, The Observer, El Diario and The Gothamist.
  • The Compassionate Care campaign made progressive advancing legislation to get immediate, emergency access for medical marijauna to those most in neeed. Checkout coverare in Capital New York, Albany Times-Union and WGRZ-TV.
  • We continued to get press questioning the City Council's proposal for 1,000 new NYPD officers in The Observer. And in Albany times-Union supporting the families of people murdered by NYPD calling on Governor Cuomo to create a special prosecutor to be assigned in cases of police murder.

“One of the major concerns we have is that there hasn’t been a clear rationale or outline as to why these thousand cops are needed,” said Alyssa Aguilera, the political director of VOCAL-NY, a liberal community organizing group. “It’s perplexing in that it doesn’t make sense both from a policy level and the type of advocate we’ve seen Melissa Mark-Viverito be.” The Observer.

What We're Reading

  • De Blasio: Civil Disobedience Means Do What The Cops Tell You. (The Gothamist) "After police refused to let thousands of peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters march in the street on Wednesday, some people noted that the NYPD's tactic of violently repelling and arresting demonstrators differed considerably from how the de Blasio administration handled similar protests just a few months ago. At a press conference yesterday, the mayor assured reporters that this was wrong: "If you guys want to
    sensationalize, if you think that's your contribution to society, feel free.
  • Forcing Black Men Out of Society. (New York Times Editorial) An analysis in The Times — “1.5 Million Missing Black Men” — showed that more than one in every six black men in the 24-to-54 age group has disappeared from civic life, mainly because they died young or are locked away in prison. This means that there are only 83 black men living
    outside of jail for every 100 black women — in striking contrast to the white population, where men and women are about equal in numbers."

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