VOCAL Guide to Your Week: Housing is a Human Right!

This Week

  • Tuesday, 5/12 @ 6PM: Join community, faith and labor organizations demanding affordable housing built with union labor in East New York and across the city. East New York is the first community targeted for major rezoning so the fight starts there! Where: Highland Park in East New York Brooklyn (corner of Elton Street & Jamaica Avenue). Travel: Take the J train to Cleveland Street. Walk down Elton Street to Highland Park. Contact: Elizabeth Owens
    at 646-203-3145 or elizabeth@vocal-ny.org.
  • Thursday, 5/14 @ 5PM: Join thousands demanding the renewal of strong rent laws for the city’s 1 million rent-regulated apartments. New York City has already lost 250,000 affordable apartments in the last 10 years due to weak rent laws that landlords use to "de-regulate" rent stabilized apartments. Where: Foley Square, meet at the statue in the middle.
    Travel: Take the 4,5,6,J,M,Z trains to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall. Contact: Fred Wright at 646-321-5282 or fred@vocal-ny.org.

Week in Review

"Alyssa Aguilera, political director for VOCAL-NY, said de Blasio's new approach is not going over well with groups who helped him develop the platform of police reform that got him elected. "I understand that he is the mayor and he needs to maintain a relationship with police but that shouldn't come at the detriment of the civil liberties and civil rights of peaceful protesters," said Aguilera. Aguilera said de Blasio's recent support of police seems to be "disingenuous pandering" to both sides. "I get that the turning of the backs was some serious bad press for him. I just wish this mayor, who got elected on a police reform agenda, would also spend some time to make sure the major reforms of his base who got him elected are also met." DNAInfo.

  • "Homes For Every New Yorker", the coalition we launched to end New York City's crisis level homelessness, got more coverage in the New York Times responding to the Mayor's homelessness plan.

"Last week, several elected officials and an advocacy group, Homes for Every New Yorker, called on the city to allocate 2,500 New York City Housing Authority apartments each year to families in shelters." New York Times.

What We're Reading

  • Homeless in New York City, an Unending Crisis. (New York Times Editorial) The crisis of homelessness that ballooned under Mayor Michael Bloomberg shows no signs of deflating anytime soon under his successor, Bill de Blasio. Nearly 57,000 people were sleeping in city shelters at last count, 24,000 of them children. It was a disaster then. It is a disaster

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