Unity Rally for Millionaire's Tax + Stronger Rent Laws

Forty VOCAL-NY members joined dozens of state and city elected officials, along with grassroots community organizations, to call for an extension of the millionaire’s tax and stronger rent laws in the FY12 budget on March 27th. Below are photos, the coalition press statement and video from Wanda Hernandez’s speech.

“I worked hard all my life, often juggling two to three jobs at a time, before becoming disabled by carpel tunnel and HIV,” said Wanda Hernandez, a leader and Board member for VOCAL-NY. “Im now forced to pay over 70% of my Social Security Disability towards rent and always have trouble making ends meet. I even skip visits to the doctor sometimes because I can’t afford the subway ride. If Governor Cuomo spent a day in my shoes, he’d understand its people like me who are struggling to survive right now, not millionaires who stand to get billions in tax cuts if his budget goes through.”

Wand Hernandez at Unity Rally for Millionaire’s Tax + Stronger Rent Laws from VOCAL-NY on Vimeo.


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