Stop Sequestration, Make Corporations Pay Their Fair Share

Join us Tuesday, March 5th to demand corporate tax dodger Verizon pay their fair share and help stop devastating budget cuts.

Automatic across-the-board budget cuts called sequestration are about to take effect because Speaker Boehner and the Tea Party decided to protect Wall Street and the wealthiest 1% instead of poor and working families.



Some of the loudest voices calling for budget cuts are big corporations and Wall Street bankers who helped fuel the deficit by not paying their fair in taxes.

We’re organizing a creative action to show Verizon – one of the biggest corporate tax dodgers in America – what the sequester will mean for our communities. Meet us Tuesday (3/5) at 11am outside the 4, 5 subway stop at Bowling Green. Contact Fred at (646) 321-5282 or for more details.

Here are just some of the impacts the sequester will have:

– 15,700 people living with HIV/AIDS will lose access to life-saving medication through the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP).

– 5,000 people living with HIV/AIDS and their families may become homeless after lose housing assistance through HOPWA.

– Almost 91,000 people will not receive drug treatment services because of cuts to SAMHSA.

– 600,000 low-income women and children will not receive nutritional assistance through the WIC program.

– 125,000 families may lose housing assistance through the Housing Choice Voucher (or Section 8) program and be put at risk of homelessness.

– More than 100,000 formerly homeless Americans, including veterans, may be removed from their current residences or emergency housing programs through cuts to Continuum of Care programs.

– Hundreds of HIV/AIDS research grants will be eliminated, including research into a cure and vaccines.

– Nearly $3 billion will be cut from Hurricane Sandy aid and healthcare for 9/11 first responders.

Verizon is one of America’s worst corporate tax dodgers The company has not paid taxes in the last three years while at the same time it received $1 billion in federal subsidies.  Moreover, Verizon has fought tried to block healthcare and a secure retirement for their workers.

We need to call on Verizon and other corporate tax dodgers to pay their fair share in taxes and stop the sequester.

Join us on Tuesday at 11am at the bottom of City Hall Park, on the corner of Broadway and Barclay. Take the 2,3 to Park Place, or the 4,5,A,C,E to Fulton Street. Contact Fred at (646) 321-5282 for more info.


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