PR: Rep. Hakeem Jeffries And Community Advocates Call On NYPD Commissioner Bratton To Reform Marijuana Arrest Policy

14284158862_5b6001f86b_zRead the full press release from Congressman Hakeem Jeffries here and view photos from the May 27th rally outside NYPD headquarters  at One Police Plaza on flickr.

“It’s disappointing to see Commissioner Bratton so adamant about not ending marijuana arrests in New York City,” said Shapriece Townsend of VOCAL-NY. “Bratton claims his stance is to protect young people like me from a dangerous ‘gateway drug’ – but the real threat to my safety and future are the biased policing practices that criminalize young people of color and saddle us with criminal records for the rest of our lives. I hope Commissioner Bratton rethinks his stance and finally puts an end to needless and biased low-level marijuana arrests.”

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