PR: “Grimm” Reaper March Dramatizes Attack On Medicare, Tax Breaks for Millionaires

 “Grimm” Reaper March Dramatizes Attack On Medicare, Tax Breaks for Millionaires

New Yorkers Relying on Medicare Present Checks to Millionaires from
Congressman Michael Grimm

VOCAL-NY members and leaders marched in protest of Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm outside of his Brooklyn office, denouncing Grimm’s vote to extend tax cuts to millionaires while destroying health care for elderly and disabled.

 (Photos are available at or scroll down to the bottom.)

VOCAL-NY member Laverne Holley holding a check with Rep. Grimm’s promised tax breaks for millionaires.

Led by costumed “Grimm Reapers of Medicare,” the protestors marched to Congressman Grimm’s Brooklyn Office. Along the way protestors passed out “checks” from Representative Grimm made out to the wealthiest Americans for $160,000 a year.  The checks, including a banner-sized one held by marchers, symbolized the vote Grimm cast before leaving on August vacation that gives $160,000 a year in tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans who make over $1 million a year while raising taxes on 25 million working families.

“Why are our representatives, like Mr. Grimm, destroying Medicare and Medicaid so they can give more tax breaks to their rich fundraisers?” asked Eric Smith, a VOCAL-NY member who marched today. “His attacks on healthcare are literally a matter of life and death for people like me.”

VOCAL-NY board member, Wayne Starks, said, “Why is Congressman Grimm is attacking the elderly and disabled to benefit the richest New Yorkers? With a cut like this, I won’t be able to afford my medications that I need to survive.”

“I am fired up about Congressman Grimm and his friends in Congress trying shred the safety net that I’ve paid into all of my life. I can’t afford to give his rich campaign donors and friends any more tax breaks!” said Elizabeth Owens who joined in the activity.

VOCAL-NY members dressed as “Grimm” reapers inside the congressman’s Brooklyn office.

“Unlike the lobbyists who sent Rep. Grimm on an all-expense paid, skinny-dipping boozefest  at the Sea of Galilee last year, average Americans have had a hard time getting Michael Grimm to pay attention,” said Robert Tolbert, one of VOCAL-NY board members. “We planned this protest as a last-ditch attempt to get Michael Grimm to do the right thing and protect Medicare, not millionaires.”

Grimm has been at the center of attention for some other questionable choices after he was found to be part of the group of Congressman who went gallivanting in the Sea of Galilee during a so-called “fact-finding” trip. Earlier this month, the Congressman came under further criticism when it was discovered that a former campaign fundraiser was arrested on immigration fraud charges.


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