People Power in Albany: Rally for NON-Millionaires this Wednesday

On Sunday night, Governor Cuomo announced a budget deal that would fund billions in tax cuts for millionaires by cutting healthcare, education, social services and anti-poverty programs. And it didn’t extend and strengthen rent laws that expire this summer.

Governor Cuomo promised a “people’s budget,” but instead we got one that benefits the state’s biggest landlord, corporate and banking interests that backed his agenda through the Committee to Save New York.

Most New Yorkers wanted a different kind of budget that asked everyone to pay their fair share and protected affordable housing. According to a poll out Monday morning, more than seven out of ten New Yorkers wanted the “millionaire’s tax” and about two-thirds wanted rent laws in the budget agreement.

We need you to STAND UP and GET VOCAL this week! When it comes to solving New York’s revenue crisis, much of what we care about is at stake: re-entry programs for people coming home from prison, healthcare for people with hepatitis C, the 30 percent rent cap bill, and so on. This is a fight about the priorities for our state government.

Help us protect New Yorkers with HIV/AIDS, tenants, kids, schools, seniors, and essential government services!

On Wednesday, join us for the “Non-Millionaires Rally” to stop the worst of state budget cuts! Contact Jaron at jaron at and (718) 864-3932. Check out the flier below.

Rally Non-Millionaires 03-30-11  


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