Outside Hedge Fund Conference, Opposing Tax Cuts for Top 1%

Banner outside the Pierre Hotel says "NY Needs Jobs & Housing: Make Wall Street Pay!"

VOCAL-NY joined New York Communities for Change, United NY and other allies this morning to disrupt a conference ofmillionaire and billionaire hedge fund managers at the swanky Pierre Hotel in midtown Manhattan to draw attention to the massive tax break New York’s richest one percent stands to receive at the end of this year. Today’s protest specifically targeted two billionaires at the event – hedge fund manager John Paulson and venture capitalist Paul Singer – for the impacts their destructive financial practices have had on the economy nationally and internationally.

As Reuters reportedAs Paulson and two other prominent fund managers, Eric Mindich and Paul Singer, addressed an audience at the Pierre Hotel in midtown Manhattan, a handful of anti-Wall Street protesters gathered outside on Fifth Avenue chanting slogans aimed at the executives.. Outside the hotel, the protesters handed out fliers with Paulson’s and Singer’s pictures and chanted “Hey, Paulson, you can’t hide, we can see your greedy side. Paul Singer, you can’t hide, we can see your greedy side.”
Organized by VOCAL-NY and other community organizations that have been coordinating with the Occupy Wall Street movement, the event follows last week’s Millionaire’s March on the Upper East Side and a protest against JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.
“Instead of giving hedge fund managers and others on Wall Street billions in tax cuts so they can gamble with our money, Governor Cuomo should make them pay their fair share and invest in our communities” said Wayne Starks, a VOCAL-NY Board member and leader from Brooklyn. “In Governor 1% Cuomo’s New York, I’ll pay a greater share of my disability income in state taxes due to regressive sales taxes than some of the wealthiest people in the world. How do these guys sleep at night knowing that they are destroying families while people lose their homes and jobs?”
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