Occupying News Corp: #OccupyAlbany & VOCAL-NY Protest NY Post's Fred Dicker & Gov. 1% Cuomo

On March 20th, Occupy Albany and VOCAL-NY directed their frustration over corruption in the capitol at one of Albany’s great enablers this morning, protesting longtime conservative talk show host and News Corp. employee Fred Dicker for his continued parroting of Governor Cuomo’s pro-corporate agenda favoring the 1%. State police held back the protestors while Governor 1% was being interviewed by Fred Dicker on his morning radio show.

The state corporate tax income rate paid by News Corp. is nearly half the official state corporate tax rate (3.7% compared with 7.1% from 2008-2010) and lower than the personal income tax rate for middle class families (4.1%).  If News Corp. paid the official New York State income tax rate during 2008 – 201, the company would have paid an additional $294 million in state taxes.



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