Gov. Cuomo, whose side are you on?

Wall Street or Main Street?

VOCAL-NY and CVH protested outside Governor Cuomo’s $15,000 per person fundraiser at 30 Rock on February 17th, holding a mock bake sale to raise funds for NY’s revenue shortfall and questioning which New Yorkers Governor Cuomo is looking out for.

“It’s a cruel irony that while many New Yorkers can’t afford to put a meal on the table, Governor Cuomo is holding a $15,000 per person fundraiser so he can push through his agenda of tax breaks for millionaires and Wall Street Bankers,” said Bobby Tolbert, a leader and Board Member of VOCAL-NY. “New York is setting a lot of records now around homelessness, poverty and unemployment, but fixing those problems doesn’t seem to be on the Governor’s list of priorities. We’re holding a mock bake sale to save our state’s budget because the plan put forward by Governor Cuomo protects the richest 2% of New Yorkers while leaving the rest of us with crumbs.”

Check out photos and our press release below. Videos are also online.

BakeSaleToSaveNY- Release


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