Protest Against Russia's Drug War On Eve Of World AIDS Day

VOCAL-NY, Harm Reduction Coalition, FROST’D and other harm reduction activists held a rally outside the Russian consulate on the eve of World AIDS Day to protest Russia’s deadly war on drugs. The rally was held as part of a worldwide day of action organized by INPUD in solidarity with drug users and people living with HIV/AIDS in Russia.

We laid flowers, clean syringes and white slippers at the gates to the consulate. People living with HIV/AIDS in Russia were arrested after placing white slippers at the entrance of the federal drug control office in Moscow on World AIDS Day in 2009.

The Russian government is notorious for drug war policies that have denied syringe exchange, HIV/AIDS medication, methadone and other drug treatment options to drug users. Evidence-based drug policies, including access to methadone, have become more urgent than even due to the growing use of an extremely toxic drug called “krockodil,” a cheap synthetic alternative to heroin.

Actions were also held in these cities: Sydney/ACT, Marseilles, Barcelona, Bucharest, Berlin, Stockholm, Toronto, London.


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