As Marijuana Justice Stalls, Racist Medical MJ Company Contributes Big $$$ in Albany



Contact: Jeremy Saunders, 917-676-8041,

Racist Medical Marijuana Company Uses Campaign Donations to Line Its Pockets–Meanwhile, Marijuana Justice Stalls

In response to coverage in lohud on MedMen-related political donations to advance their business interests, VOCAL-NY released the following statement, attributable to Jeremy Saunders, VOCAL-NY Co-Executive Director.

“A NY marijuana trade group was recently quoted saying, “(MedMen) didn’t resign…we threw them out” due to racist and homophobic remarks by MedMen’s CEO. But Senator Diane Savino and Governor Cuomo are still taking their campaign contributions in a transparent effort to put more money in MedMen’s pockets while the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act stalls–and 20,000+ jobs, increased tax revenue, investments in Black and Latino communities, and opportunities for minority-owned businesses stall with it.

What makes this even more egregious is that MedMen is already turning a tidy profit in New York while our communities continue to suffer from disenfranchisement and criminalization. Despite VOCAL NY’s years of advocacy to bring medical marijuana to New York, our members are still unable to access this needed medication. Any attempts by MedMen or anyone else to separate medical marijuana from a mandate to bring adult use online is a direct attack on marginalized communities.

While race is playing a critical role in this legislative session, the acceptance of campaign donations like this–and the inability for the Senate, Assembly, and Governor to pass popular marijuana justice legislation–illustrates just how serious the Albany Democratic Leadership is about policy change that impacts Black and Latino communities.”



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